SHAPE Boston Day Four Recap!

The fourth day of SHAPE Boston was on St. Patrick’s Day, and the convention attendees decked themselves out in a lot of green. Me? I wore blue. I should have worn my green t-shirt from, but because we were presenting today, I felt a tie was appropriate for our first national presentation. I was able to grab lunch with some college classmates and helped two people set up a PLN on Twitter. My brain is still spinning from all the information that I learned, and I need some more time to reflect moving forward. Some changes I can implement quickly in my own classroom; other changes need time to be researched and developed. There will be blog posts about all of these. Onto the recap! 

Members of my PLN I Met: No one. Guess I met most of them already!

Sessions Attended…

  • “Physical Activity During School/The Kinesthetic Classroom – Teaching & Learning Through Movements” (Dana Chambers & Magaera Regan). This session explained some of the neuroscience behind the effects of movement on learning and armed educators with details to justify the importance of movement in the classroom. The biggest take away for me was the importance of explaining to other educators that movement doesn’t take away time from academics when it is an integral part of how you teach. 
  • Ad-Hoc Twitter Session! I took some time to show a friend and college classmate how to set up an online PLN on Twitter. She was a quick learner, and I look forward to seeing examples of her student’s work online. Afterwards, I wandered around the exhibit hall with my colleague, Danielle.
  • “Take Action in Your State: Success Stories from Advocacy Champions” (Michael Doyle, Jenny Dearden, Jamie Sparks). If you’ve been reading all of my recaps, you’ll notice that I’m particularly interested in advocacy at the state and national levels. This session began with a recap of ESSA and shifted to experiences in Minnesota and Kentucky related to advocating for health and physical education in their own states. Seeing what was going on in other states was motivating, and as much as they have accomplished, everyone knows there is still a lot of work to be done, and we need a “sustained, strategic effort” from teachers and advocates in ALL of our states.
  • “Five Strategies to Supercharge Your Health Class” (Mary McCauley). Mary led another health education session with different ideas to amp up your health class. Many activities were content heavy, but I attended this with my colleague Danielle, and we came away with a few ideas to implement during different units. 
  • “Shifting From Content-Based to Skills-Based Health Education” (Jeff Bartlett & Danielle LaRocque). Hey, that’s us!! Danielle and I have taken our health curriculum and made it a skills-based health education curriculum. It’s not perfect, and we’re not 100% there, but we are well along. I was thrilled to present with Danielle, and we had a GREAT audience who shared their own ideas, too. We presented at 4:15, on a Friday that was St. Patrick’s Day in Boston, and had almost 50 people attend! I enjoyed the follow-up conversations with other health teachers afterwards. Looking for our Slides? Check them out here. It’s easier to understand if we explain them, so if you have questions, shoot me an email: jeffreybartlett at danvers dot org. 

Resources to Share…

  • We stopped by the Common Bytes booth at the expo. Although they aren’t available for purchase yet, they have some cool little nutrition activities that fit into our unit objectives and would be more engaging than the way we currently teach the content part of nutrition. Another plus? When we looked at the prices they were budget friendly! They’ll also have an online component, for schools interested in that.

One Takeaway to Implement ASAP…

Final Thought….

  • I had a few conversations with fellow Massachusetts teachers who are doing GREAT things in their classroom. We need more teachers to present! It’s a great experience, and we all learn together. Please consider presenting at your state, district, or national conference if you haven’t done so already. We want to learn from you! 

Now, about that grading…


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