On this page you’ll find links to a Google Drive Folder with presentations given at different conferences, either on my own or with a colleague. Please click here to access the folder, and read below for descriptions OR click directly on the link (for newer presentations). It may be difficult to fully understand a presentation without background information, so please contact me with any questions.

Conference Presentations:

“FUNctional Information: Health Content Plug-Ins for Skills Based Health Education” (with Claudia Brown and Danielle LaRocque) MAHPERD 2017.

“Gotta Get ‘Em All: Unit Hooks for Health Education” (with Danielle LaRocque) MAHPERD 2017

“Shifting From Content Based to Skills Based Health Education” (with Danielle LaRocque) SHAPE America National Convention, March 2017

“1:1 Digital Initiative? How to Make Your Health Education Curriculum Digital for 21st Century Learners” (with Danielle LaRocque), MAHPERD, November 2016

“Adding NHES Skills to Your Health Curriculum” (with Danielle LaRocque), MAHPERD, November 2015

“How Social Media Will Revolutionize Your Teaching” MAHPERD, November 2015

“Literacy in Health and Physical Education” MAHPERD, November 2014

“Survival Skills for the First Year Teacher” (with Sneha Shah Verelst), MAHPERD, November 2010

“Creative Teaching Strategies in Health Education” (with Anne Cinelli), MAHPERD, November 2007 (as part of requirements for a class at Springfield College)